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Sprint DataLink A direct, secure connection to your local network.

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A direct, secure connection to your local network.

Keep remote workers securely connected

There are plenty of people and places — like field personnel and remote sites — that do most (or all) of their work out of the office. So, how do you get them secure, direct access to all the good stuff in the office: the apps, people and data they really need?

Sprint DataLink solves this problem, directly connecting remote workers and locations to your office WAN. Offering a high-speed wireless link between remote sites and the headquarters network, DataLink ensures connected devices can securely access services and data on your WAN, without touching public internet channels.

With Sprint DataLink you can:

  • Keep your people connected when they’re on the go
  • Improve communication, workflows and key processes
  • Increase security with a direct, private connection
  • Support organizational continuity, with a backup to traditional wired connections


  • Connects remote sites and workers to the WAN
  • Quick provisioning and deployment
  • 99.9% availability
  • Secure, private channels

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